American Standard NAXWMT Pro Line Heat Pumps

American Standard NAXWMT Pro Line Heat Pumps.

Breathe Easier

This ductless system is equipped with washable, anti-allergen filters to help improve your home indoor air quality. Filters help trap dust, bacteria, and other particles floating in the air you breathe.

Quiet Operation

Although the NAXWMT Pro Line Heat Pumps are installed directly into rooms in your home, their whisper-quiet operation makes it so you barely know they’re operating. These systems can easily be used in noise-sensitive residential and work places.

Increased Energy Efficiency

Boasting a SEER rating of up to 18 and an HSPF rating of up to 10, the NAXWPH High Efficiency Heat Pumps are energy efficient systems. Ductless systems are regularly regarded as energy efficient systems, which not only helps the environment, but can also help save you energy use and cost in the long run when you switch to ductless systems.

Easy Installation

Ductless systems are directly installed in the room or space they’re intended to heat or cool, which makes installation a breeze. Without the presence of ducts, vents, and other components, ductless systems can typically be installed by an HVAC professional in a short amount of time, without disrupting your living environment.