Evaporator Coil Services

Evaporator Coil Service.
Evaporator Coil Service.

During a dry, hot summer, inconsistent indoor air temperatures are the last thing you want to deal with. Often, these issues result from broken or malfunctioning evaporator coils within your air conditioning (AC) unit.

We at Calvin’s Climate know how important the comfort of your home is to daily life. That’s why we offer top-of-the-line air conditioning evaporator coil repair, cleaning, and replacement. Don’t hesitate to get on top of your air conditioning problems; call 972-691-4000 today to speak to one of our technicians and see why we provide the best air conditioner installation in Flower Mound, TX.

Why Is Cleaning an AC’s Evaporator Coil Important?

Evaporator coils compress Freon® in your air conditioner, the coolant that cools your air as it passes over the coils. If your coils become dirty due to wear, they exhibit a reduction in their ability to function. A good cleaning will prevent you from having to buy an entirely new air conditioner, as technicians at Calvin’s Climate are experts in bringing old coils back to their fully functioning selves.

Our professionals will inspect your coils and their surrounding components such as the air filter and air handler. We diagnose your problem and the general health of your coils, determining whether or not they are fit for cleaning or beyond repair. Our evaporator coil services in Flower Mound, TX, go beyond simply addressing the problem, as we make sure you and your family fully understand our process and the importance of yearly cleaning, saving you from further problems down the line.

Spotting Damaged AC Coils

Most homeowners are not air conditioning experts, making it hard for them to detect damaged coils. It’s important to become familiar with how your air conditioner works to save money and preserve your home's indoor air quality (IAQ). We’ve outlined a list of signs that your coils may need repair:

  • Higher energy costs
  • Air conditioner takes awhile to cool the home
  • Decrease in indoor air quality
  • Water gathering beneath your air conditioner
  • Fluctuating temperatures

Water pooling beneath your air conditioner is perhaps the most straightforward and sure sign that you have a coil problem. This is because dirty coils will thaw and leak water. Besides contributing to most of the problems on our list, this will cause mold to grow beneath and inside your air conditioning unit.

Calvin’s Climate recommends jumping on these issues as soon as you spot them to avoid larger repair costs and energy bills down the line. Our evaporator coil services in Flower Mound, TX, get your air conditioner working quickly so you don’t have to spend another day braving the brutal Texas heat. Additionally, we perform a maintenance check when we repair your unit, making sure the freon levels are normal and all your coil’s surrounding components are working properly.

Your AC Will Run Like New With the Best Evaporator Coil Services in Flower Mound, TX

If you want to learn more about air conditioning repair, read through our site or give us a call. We have been repairing evaporator coils in Texas for decades and we are confident after one visit, we will greatly improve the air quality of your Flower Mound, TX, home.

Don’t let a problem fester. Call 972-691-4000 to get a free estimate on evaporator coil services. Get started with one of our Calvin’s Climate technicians and rediscover the power of your home’s air conditioning unit.

When you schedule your new HVAC system installation with Calvin’s Climate, you can relax. We take care of everything.

  • Step 1—Select the products that are right for you, based on our expert recommendations.
  • Step 2—Enjoy your installation day. All city permits and insurance are handled and our expert installation team will meticulously install your new equipment, exceeding all city codes and requirements. We arrive early and finish usually in one day.
  • Step 3—We’ll walk you through your new system and all its features.
  • Step 4—Enjoy a home filled with clean, comfortable air, backed by the best warranties and service.

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